Looking for beta testers for short IntroComp game

Hi all!

I’m looking for people who can have a quick look at a game I’m entering into IntroComp this year.

It’s historical, set in 1590s Scotland, with mathematician John Napier about to search for hidden treasure in a castle. The IntroComp entry is the opening section of that longer game.

It’s a parser game, written in Inform 7, with a gblorb game file. So you’ll need access to an interpreter for that.

I reckon it shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes to play through, and probably quite a bit shorter. I do include a walkthrough, as well as a covering email mentioning key things to check for.

Ideally I’d want feedback by July 20th, but it could be a bit later in the month.

If you can help please send me a private message here.

Many thanks!


Many thanks to all the people who’ve offered to help as testers. It’s hugely appreciated!

I think I have enough folks now, so don’t need anyone else to respond.

Thank you all! What a great community :slight_smile: