Looking for beta testers for Mediterranean Adventure - Part 1

It’s the summer holidays and you’ve decided to fly out to the Riviera and enjoy the sea, the sand, and whatever else you might encounter. At the very least you’re looking forward to spending some time sunning yourself on the beach and sipping margaritas, but things start going wrong even before you get out of the airport …

This is the first part of my first text adventure, and I’d really like to get some feedback before I continue. It takes perhaps 10 to 15 minutes to complete. The adventure is created using the Inform 7 language and interface, and is packaged to be run within a browser or using a separate interpreter. Please get in touch if you’re interested and I will email you the ZIP file.


Hey, this seems like a cool idea! I’m going to repost something I just posted on another thread looking for testers:

Welcome to the forum, and congrats on getting so far with your first game! This is usually a great place to get testers, but I thought it’d be worth flagging that this is the second day of the community’s big event, IF Comp – yesterday, 74 new pieces of IF were released and between now and November 15, many folks are trying to play, rate, and/or review as many of them as possible. So this can actually be a pretty tough time to get testers; hopefully you’ll get a good response, but if not, I wanted to encourage you to bump this post in a month or so, when the Comp frenzy has abated a bit, since you might have better luck then!


Thanks for that, Mike. I’m new to all this so it’s good to know. I’ll repost in a month or so, as you suggest.


Further to what @DeusIrae said, this is the busiest time of the year for IF authors and players. Apart from IFComp 2023, there’s also ECTOCOMP 2023, Bare-Bones Jam, the suggestion of a PunyInform Speed-IF and PunyJam #4 in November. However, as it’s a small game, I can squeeze it in. I’ll send you a personal message.