Looking for beta-testers for 'Bullhockey!'

I am a veteran text IF-er, but beginning author in IF, and I am currently re-organizing and putting the finishing touches on my game, with the working title ‘Bullhockey!’. It is a ‘basic’ comedy-adventure game with source text of about 81,000 words, designed with Inform 7 and a Glulx interpreter setup. It has a sort of ‘treasure hunt’ theme, in the beginning, at least. As I mentioned, it is not yet finished. I just want to ‘test the waters’ for anyone who might be interested in play-testing it, and offering feedback.

Also, I want to know how I can enter it into a competition.

Thanks to anyone who might be interested/can point me in the right direction.

I would be happy to, I’m not sure how much attention I can give it until the comps are over with, but feel free to pm me the details and I will take a shot at your game and provide feedback and transcripts.

Great! It’ll be a while. I have tested each part thoroughly myself, but I want to finish re-organizing it and do a thorough play-through before I submit it. It’ll probably be a couple of weeks. To forewarn you, I’d have to say that it’s a bit campy. When are the competitions over with, and am I too late to enter any?


I’m not sure about the comps, there seems to always be one going on, and that is a good thing. As far as your game goes, I can start testing it now if you wanted, I’d test a string of code if it runs through a terp. Whenever you want to send it is fine, my offer will not expire.


I sent you a pm, but maybe you missed it. I would also be glad to help test your game for you whenever you are ready.


I sent you a PM.


Thank you for your offer. You two may be my first players.