Looking for beta testers for Adventuron port of minimalist game Swigian

To learn Adventuron, I ported an old game of mine with pixel graphics by Marco Innocenti.

I’d love to have a few people test it, especially people who are familiar with Adventuron. I do not plan to enter it in any comps, but I want it to work well before I publish the final version.


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Hi Brian,

Sounds exciting.

If you are comfortable, mail the details to info@adventuron.io and I’d be more than happy to take a look.


Thanks, I sent a message

Sounds interesting (and I love Marco Innocentis works).
Send me a pm with the details.

Sent a message!

With three testers, I think I’ll stop there. Thanks so much!

Hi Brian,

I didn’t receive the mail.

Maybe you can dm me here?

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