Looking for Beta for a finished Twine

So I have had this Twine finished since before my first game, but I have not released it because honestly it needs another set of eyes. It’s not crazy long, but it’s longer than “Love Forever”. It has multiple paths with randomly generated endings for each path. If you have time I’d love if you guys could weigh in or if someone would be willing to give it a go.



In a world where a minority of the population has been born as “Sigil Marked” and gifted with strange abilities your greatest ability is to save a life…if you so choose. You do not know this man’s name, but his sigils were “broken”, a rare condition, but you have a chance to save his life. You have a chance to share your gifts with him. But there are so many unknowns and costs beyond even your imagination. It is not a question of pure selfishness, but it is a question of self.

Do you save a life?

I have the file for twine import, and while I do not know how to change the format I am more than willing to try for you.
Squander.rar (105 KB)

I am surprised it was downloaded ten times :slight_smile: