Looking for Authors to create high-end visual novels


Let me first introduce myself. My name is Alain Berset and I share my professional time between Character Design for the video game industry (Hidden Leaf games and Dreamscape Immersive among others) and my film production company JADR (« J’Arrête de Respirer » for the French version).

My associates and I wish to redirect our activities.

Our passion for the videogame world and the Interactive fiction, as well as our professions (director, storyboarder, screenwriter, 3D and 2D computer graphics designer, etc…) lead us to consider in the near future the development of video games of “Visual Story” type.

Visual stories certainly, but placed under the sign of high added value with a mix of 2D/3D, complex user interfaces with extended possibilities, music, dubbing envisaged and localization in several languages, all in a style based on cinematographic staging and animated illustrations with a strong personality.

As our company is at a standstill, we are developing a game engine based on the Unity engine in our spare time with the aim of publishing such works.

And as in many cases, money is lacking as long as the projects are not launched.

In any narrative work, the cornerstone remains the story, its structure and rhythm.

It is here that I would like to solicit this community to find out if, among all these talents, there is one or two of excellent writers interested in the adventure of turning their narrative fiction into a video game.

The work of conversion would of course be done in collaboration with the author if he or she so desires so as not to betray his or her work.

The interested party would of course be remunerated for his work at a percentage rate on sales or on the funds raised (in case of fundraising).

Thank you for your time, and sorry for my poor english.

Best regards,

Alain Berset.