Looking for an objective opinion on a WIP.

Hi everyone,

I need help. I have an I7 game I’ve been working on for seven years, on and off. I keep picking it up and dropping it again, and to be honest I think I’ve bitten off more than I can chew. I don’t feel I can drop it, because a) I’ve put so much work into it, and b) I don’t have any other ideas.

What I’d like is for someone else to take a look at it, tell me if they think it’s any good, and perhaps make some suggestions as to how it might be completed.

The project is Alias ‘The Magpie’, a sort of Drawing-room farce about a gentleman thief, with elements of slapstick, and a complex Wodehousian plot.

If you’re interested in taking a look, I’ll send you a copy of the game as it stands and a few details about my intentions for it.

Many thanks,

J. J. Guest

Thank you to everyone who has responded to my request for feedback, the response has been tremendous, and I’m very grateful! I don’t require any more volunteers at the present time.

Best wishes,

J. J. Guest