Looking for an Inform 7 coding/programmer

After some honest critics (thank you) I have moved this to another thread to try to encapsulate my thoughts better and fix up any erroneous data.

Not to discourage you from looking for a collaborator (collaborating on IF is a lot of fun!) but please don’t feel bad about asking for help here. People are happy to lend a hand, and if your question and answer are publicly available, other people can learn from them too.

That is a very good point :slight_smile: I just tend to “not want to bother” anyone, and therefore, end up spending a lot of time (anywhere from 5 hours to a few days) trying to figure out a problem on my own before I come here and ask. Plus I don’t really want to “spam” a heap of threads about a gazillion different problems. I can just see it now, the majority of threads in I7 section being made by me lol :laughing:

I suggest that if you want to find yourself a coder, you probably need to share a little bit more about what the game’s about and what your general design is. For people to want to work on a game, they probably need to be interested in it, and to have some confidence in the abilities of their collaborator; nobody wants to buy a pig in a poke.

In particular, the fact that your game is called Zion: The Protocols is likely to make a lot of people hesitant. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is (as you know, Bob) a faked document that has been used by various groups as a justification for violent antisemitism. That’s the sort of thing that’s likely to give a lot of people pause. A game called Zion: The Protocols could range from anything to incredibly racist, to deeply insensitive, to something worthwhile; but people are going to be even less eager to buy a pig in a poke if the pig might turn out to be Hitler.

Thanks maga for your reply to my PM.

You have given me a lot to think about.

The name of the IF came about:

  1. Due to research and happening to come upon that book, it provided the original inspiration for further research into history.
  2. The final project has links dating back to King David and Jesus/Judas, so “Zion” by itself was chosen as a suitable title (the title was put on a list of other names and given to a friend who decided on “Zion”, he is not much of a history person, more an engineer/designer (and gamer) so had no idea of the cannotations of either the Mount or the book contents.
  3. “The protocols” bit was chosen…because well 1. I liked the phrase “The Protocols” and if I had to split up the story for some reason, it gave a good descripion/definition (“The official procedure governing affairs of state or diplomatic occasions.”) of the beginning, if not the whole story.

The IF is not a racial piece of work. Its based around government & politics.

I can see where it can be counted as such though, I really should of thought it through. I do want people to think about my IF, but not in that way!

I removed the name/blog/links, and will stop writing for a bit to discover a new name (it was originally “Project X” since I couldn’t think up a name lol).

I will come back after a sleep and figure a new name, and think more about your post & PM, and provide a honest overview of the story so people can understand what it is about.

Thank you very much for your honest opinion, I really, truly appreciate it! Honest, direct opinions are much better to be received now, then to release it and have something go wrong.

Sometimes I get so involved in something, I forget to stop and try to look at it from another person’s perspective, so thank you.