Looking for alpha/beta testers for comic puzzler written in Twine

Announcing my work in progress “PW”, a comic puzzler written in Twine. The story is about a brotherhood of wizards engaged in a paintball tournament. I am aiming for an uplifting comedy with a smattering of PG13 humor. The game engine features action-object combos and a novel spellcasting system. This ambitious project is scheduled for release in October 2023.

The first third of the game is ready for beta testing. Anticipated play time right now is about 40 minutes. I am looking for testers to provide feedback on the game engine and CSS choices to help me guide my design for final two chapters. I am also looking for testers to provide feedback on story-telling, formatting and puzzle design, especially if you are available to revisit this work in April or May when I anticipate having all three chapters complete, with anticipated final play time of 2-3 hours.

Please contact me. I am willing and available to play test your work in fair exchange.