Looking for a writer who plays CHESS

Hello all, this is not quite interactive fiction but it’s close enough that I figured some of you may be interested in the project.

I’m an experienced software developer looking for a writer to work with me on a new character-driven chess app. The project is in the early stages and I’m funding it personally. The app will feature different characters you can play with, each with their own distinctive personality and backstory, each of which is fun to be with and play with in a different way.

There will be a LOT of dialogue writing, not just simple “barks” as the videogame writers like to call them. The goal is to make the characters feel real and fun and engaging.

You can reach me at dsjoerg@gmail.com and I’d be happy to share more about the project.

Best regards! —David

Sounds neat - sort of like a chess game similar to Telltale’s “Poker Night at the Inventory”

Thanks HanonO, very cool find! I hadnt heard of that game before.

How is the project going? I’ve gotten pretty heavy into chess over the past year or so. Sounds like an interesting project.