Looking for a writer to collaborate with for Ludum Dare 40

I wrote an IF engine (“Undum, but modern and nice, with documentation”) and I’d like to take it for a spin this weekend for Ludum Dare 40. I’d love it if a writer would work with me on a short web-based game, both to prove the technology and make something cool!

What I’ve done in the past: http://steveasleep.com

I code and write music. I have finished 4 Ludum Dare events and failed 2 more.

About Ludum Dare: https://ldjam.com

I’m excited about “Undum, but modern and nice, with documentation”, especially if it doesn’t require JS skillz.

(With no shade to Raconteur - I’m just javascript-deficient)

Yeah, Raconteur was my inspiration. It’s still JavaScript, but I’m trying to remove as much code as possible.

I want to avoid writing a parser, which limits how much I can remove coding from the author’s responsibilities.