Looking for a game? Please help!

I’ve been looking for this one game. I can only remember the cover and bits and pieces of it

The cover has a woman on it, she’s scowling or at least looking a bit mean. There’s a grey, or maybe a light blue tinge to it.

I remember the words coming out in a typewriter like fashion. And there was sound. Creepy music, I think?

There was the mention of a lamb, about the woman killing it and animals i think?

I think the title started with either an e or an L, I dunno…

I really wanna find this game. Any pointers will be gladly accepted !

Do you know around when the game is from?

…also what was it running on?

Twine, I think

Was it in IFComp? This rings a bell with me. I thought maybe I reviewed it but I can’t find the review in my blog, so perhaps I only played and rated it. I imagined the name was Mrs SOMETHING, but putting mrs in IFDB hasn’t brought it up. Maybe that was just the woman’s name.

If scanned the archived IFComp sites 2012-2016 but didn’t see it there.


No, It wasn’t

Then I’m out.

Wait! Does mrs Lojka ring any bells. That might be it

That seems to be the name of a game by Jordan Magnuson. (I missed that–his Walk Or Die is one of my favorite games!)

That’s the one.


FWIW it wasn’t IFComp but Spring Thing (or Autumn Scrum for our Southern Hemisphere friends).

I guess “scrum” accurately suggests competition, but I’ve used “Autumn All-Stars” more than once, and I never heard anyone say “Autumn Scrum” before, therefore I’m saying my thing has been winning for now because at least I’ve said it more than once, even if, really, almost nobody has said either.

My explanation of Autumn All-Stars and my review of MS Lojka are here



springthing.net suggests Fall Fooferal, FWIW…

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That’s because I just made up “Autumn Scrum” for that post, because I remembered your complaint that people outside the U.S. don’t call the season “fall,” but I had forgotten that you had come up with an alternative term.

The idea was not so much to evoke competition as to come up with something that vaguely sort of rhymed, as Spring Thing does, rather than alliterating.


Hehehe! The challenge continues for Australians, because with the way we talk, nothing rhymes with autumn.


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