Look for some Adult Interactive Fiction games

Hi guys

I only recently discovered those games and I am totally into them. I asked this on many forums but it’s hard to find those games. I was wondering if you guys got some good games that focus on ENF (embarrassed nude female) or Bets.

I will start with a few games I enjoy, first Yakyuken Two Version 3.0. It’s basically a rock scissors paper game, you can win or lose, that’s what I like about this games. Many games are designed so you can only win them. By the way, since it’s called Yakyuken Two, is there also a Yakyuken One?

The other game I enjoy is this one here called camp trip aifcommunity.org/games/tads/campingtrip.zip it’s a direct link, don’t click it or download will start, unless you want to download it. A few friends go to a camping trip and make a bet there.

I was wondering if you guys got more. I was not able to find the other games made by this guy who made campingtrip.

While searching for games I found this forum called TFgames, they have a lot of AIF games, but the problem is that their games are about crossdressers, and I am really not into that kind of stuff. That game called Battle of the Sexes game sounds like a lot of fun, it’s exactly my kind of game, the only problem is this "who is better, girls or boys?

The only way to settle it is by contest. Three games: Roxanne plays somebody at pool, Margeaux does laps in the swimming pool against your best swimmer, and then it’s 2-on-2 volleyball with whoever is left. If the boy wins, he gets to go on a date with her. If he loses, he gets turned into a girl. For the bonus round, double or nothing, it’s strip poker.". I would really love to play a game like that, but I don’t like the outcome of that story, I would prefer it if he had to do something embarrassing for losing the bet.

In general, we don’t talk all that much about straight-up porn games here, and we really don’t talk about our particular fetishy tastes. You’ll probably have better luck at the Yahoo AIF site or the New Lagoon forum.

The guy who wrote The Camping Trip is GoblinBoy, and he’s written a great many AIF games. Not all of 'em are listed on IFDB, but a bunch of them are listed here.

Sexual ones, anyway. :slight_smile: