Long Way to the Nearest Star hint request

I’ve fixed the janitorbot, but now I’m stuck. The walkthrough at this point has sections on how to access the security videos and how to get to the aft section of the lab, but both seem impossible to do because the janitorbot is with me in the Electrical Closet, keeps beeping, doesn’t accept any input, and I for the life of me can’t think of anything to do in the Electrical Closet that will help. Any tips? I’d like to see more of this game, but I’m getting quite close to the time limit…

Hmm, sounds like you found the right part after looking at the schematics and installed it, so the bot is “awake”? You should now be able to tell it to go to different parts of the ship, but nothing else - is that right? If you can’t order it to move around, that sounds like a bug (I didn’t run into that, but looks like there’ve been some updates since the version I played so I guess something could have broken?). If you can order it around, you still need to solve a puzzle, though the walkthrough should tell you the answer so based on your post I’m worried it’s a bug. Anyway, more hints for the puzzle in the next paragraphs

You should have an access code, made up of letters, for activating the bot, but no way of typing the code into it. So you need to use the interface options you do have to communicate the code. Answer in next paragraph.

The first letters of each location you can send the robot to are unique; send it to the places whose first letters correspond to the code, in order.

EDIT: tagging @svlin for help!


Just leave the closet. The bot will leave too and go back to the maintenance area, where you’ll be able to send it to other places.

(It’s not a bug, the bot is freaking out for a reason, but I might have to change things around to make it seem less like one. Hmm…)


Oops, forgot about that step! We’ll, glad one line of my post was helpful at least :slight_smile:


Nice, finished it, Ending 5. Review will appear later, but it’s going to be positive!


I understand it now. :slight_smile: Possibly just change the text so that when you click the bot, it is described in terms like “it hovers near the exit, apparently eager to leave the room”. That would probably have pointed me in the right direction.