London meetup October 27

Our next meetup in London will be at 7 PM October 27 in the Failbetter Games headquarters. We’ll have access to a projector this time and will be playing through a selection from the IF Comp games. After a couple of hours, we’ll decamp to the nearby Pilot pub for drinks and further discussion.

If you’d like to come along, there’s more information and the RSVP list here: … 225866960/

roars I’d very much like to come, and though I’m a little worried by the fact that I have a 9am class the next day…

The main session runs 7-9 PM, typically. It’s up to you whether you want to come to the pub after, and if so, for how long. (I usually have to duck out myself around 10 – it’s a long trip back to Oxford.)

Ah, that’s a relief. Thank you for letting me know! (: