Log in with keyboard only?

It seems like the latest update is no longer auto-focusing the username field when you open the login dialog…but hitting Tab cycles through all links on the page, not just the couple of things that are relevant to logging in, so it takes forever to get there…


Does it do that in different browsers?

I just tried logging out on a Mac in Chrome - I don’t usually log in like that so I’m not used to what the normal behavior is, but I had to tab to login, the browser auto-filled my login and I just hit enter to proceed.

I updated the forum yesterday, so it’s definitely possible something changed. I suggest you post about it to

I have autofill turned off in my browser, so I need to type into it. You could probably check what it does using a private/incognito window in your browser.

But yeah, I’ll ask over on the Discourse forum. Thanks.

Edit: Actually, @Dannii, do you know off the top of your head which versions you updated from and to? Was that the latest 2.6.1 to 2.6.2?

Oh, I totally see what you mean now: I can tab to Login but when the window comes up, subsequent presses of the tab key affect the site behind the login window and requires repositioning the cursor with the mouse.

From 2.7.0.beta3 to 2.7.0.beta4

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This is also an issue for me. Using my screen reader of choice (NVDA on Windows), I need to move to the bottom of the page, press enter on the dialogue element and log in that way, whereas before the edit fields would be automatically focused and I could type in my info. I haven’t tried with VoiceOver on Mac or Orca on Linux yet.


Sorry to hear that. This has been reported to the makers of Discourse, the forum software we use. Hopefully they’ll fix it soon, they do say they’re committed to accessibility. I’ll post back here once they have.


I don’t know what their release schedule is like, but they merged a fix into the main branch of their repository today, so that’s good news.


I’ve just done an update, so try it now, see if it’s fixed!


It is, yeah!

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