Live Preview?

Twine Version: Version 2.3.9
Story Format: Sugarcube

Hi All. Just seeing if anyone is aware of any way to have a ‘live preview’ when editing the code in the passages and css (similar to dreamweaver but ideally cheap/free)? I find it takes so long to edit code, publish and then open up in web browser (to check images as the ‘play’ doesn’t like images). A live preview would make life so much easier and quicker. Also some way to live preview what it will look like on mobile would be an extra bonus! Hope that makes sense?Is there anything out there like this?
Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

No, there’s nothing like that, but there is a bit faster way to do what you described.

Open the published version in your browser and start editing your game in the Twine editor. Then, whenever you want to see what you updated, republish to the same HTML file, and then just hit CTRL+F5 in the browser to refresh to the updated version.

Hope that helps! :grinning: