Little SeedComp Summaries by filiaa

Hello everyone! Over on the French IF Forum, there was some discussion of the seeds submitted this year to SeedComp. One of the users, filiaa, has started a great community service by writing up individual summaries of each seed to assist folks in quickly narrowing down which might appeal to them. They are going by alphabetical order and have just hit H.

In retrospect, this is probably a better approach than the one I started to take with my own review thread, much more manageable as well. Something to consider next year.

Regardless, I wanted to link to the summaries here as I believe they are well written and of definite utility. Be warned, the original text is in French, but any machine translation built into most browsers will make short work of it. I can also assure you that I, not being remotely fluent in French, was able to easily follow the translated text. The link to the post can be found here.

I know everyone’s situation is different, so, if anyone somehow doesn’t have easy access to machine translation, simply message me and I’ll help you myself.

In the meantime, here are the seeds they have already kindly summarized (I’ll add to this and notify if and when more come along):

(Our) Futures Market by Pinkunz
1984 by Garry Francis
AD&D by Pinkunz
Anthropocene by MartynJBull
Bad Weather by Pinkunz
Blind Vote by Pinkunz
Bringer of Grain and Seed by Rovarsson
Hidden by Pinkunz
Cart Quest by Pinkunz
Cloak and Tailor by Pinkunz
Comfort Food by Pinkunz
Commentary by Pinkunz
Counterfeit Funky by Pinkunz
Short Plot Simulator by Sanadi
Cthulhu’s Babysitter by Sanadi
CYOC by Pinkunz
Damn Dog by Pinkunz
Death in the Guildhall of Virtuosity by dougegan2
Dominoes & Gigoglos by Manonamora
Escape the Sitcom! by Robert Patten
Fantasy Quest by Robert Patten
Favors owed by Sanadi
Funky by Pinkunz
Git Gud by pinkunz
Hexed by Pinkunz
Historical Potential Energy by Pinkunz
Horror Snippets by KADW

A few more seeds, textual, from I to M:

I Jekyll you Hyde by Pinkunz
Indiana’s Tombstone - Unfinished Business by Pinkunz
Insinuations by Kenped
Inventory Puzzle by Charm Cochran
Keys to Redemption: A Slumlord’s Salvation by Pinkunz
Intimate Literature by Charm Cochran
Location by Pinkunz
Lycidice and the Minotaur by Manonamora
Mayor McStuffins gets McStuffed by Pinkunz
Memory Issues by Sanadi
Mold and Mildew by AugustK
Mr Nice, Mr Mean, Mr In-Between by Manonamora


TIL that “resume” (noun) means summary. :smile:


Filiaa has just added more summaries up through the letter M! Check them out here!