little game, Unicorn Story, written in Ramus, available

A little game I’ve written with this new system Ramus has been released, if you want to call it that. Look in the Other Development Systems forum under “Ramus rocks!”

It’s in the form of an html file you need to download and view. (It’s a sad comment on the idiot-proofing of all the onlineness readily available to me that I can’t just post the damn thing someplace. Or not easily.)

The game file is called Unicorn Story.

Remus is a nicely flexible little system that I encourage people to try out.


I put it up. … Story.html allows directly uploading HTML.

You should be able to upload to a Dropbox account from anywhere. You can host any client-side game that way–Quixe, Parchment, whatever.

Thanks for the – host-age, is clearly wrong. Hosting? Hospitality? GRIDLOCK!

Thanks, Ralph, for hosting the game. And thanks, Ektemple, for mentioning Dropbox, which I’m looking at.


Felix has also hosted Unicorn Story!

His blurb for the game goes like this–


“ralphmerridew”. One word, lowercase. Not “Ralph”.

Sorry, ralphmerridew!

Cool enough. Nice short story.

this made me LOL:

[spoiler]“For his magic horn. Their own horns are nothing magic.”

surely soft-porn disguised as a fable? :smiley:[/spoiler]