Lists of table columns in 6E72

[code]“A test area”

Include Dynamic Tables by Jesse McGrew.

Table of Test
character sentence
a man an indexed text

When play begins:
let T be a new table with columns { character, sentence } and 1 blank row;

The testroom is a room.

This code will compile under 5Z71 but won’t under 6E72 and will produce the following error

It seems that a list of table columns can only hold table columns that hold values of the same kind. If I change the character entry to hold indexed text, then the code will compile.

Also, lists of table columns cannot be stored in gv, temporary variables and such whereas it was possible with 5Z71, and constant lists of tables columns are impossible unless all the table columns hold values of the same kind. This is quite problematic when you’re using the Dynamic Tables extension.

So the only workaround I found is the following (list of table columns are considered as list of numbers)

Could you declare the list explicitly to be of something like “value valued table column”, as “value” is a kind of super-type which accepts person, text, stored action, etc.?

let X be a list of value valued table columns;
let X be { ... }
let T be a new table.......

Should I report it on mantis or is it a normal behavior ?

I don’t know, so I’d say go ahead and report it.