Listing out-of-date pages in need of edits

As a new editor of IFWiki, I’ve encountered lots of out-of-date pages just while browsing around. How easy would it be to create a way to flag such pages and have them automatically added to a “to-do” list? I think collecting these pages in a list would be a good way to facilitate getting them updated. If a flagging system isn’t possible, would it be okay if I start listing ones I encounter under the Update out-of-date pages section on the Current Projects page?


Here are some ideas:

  1. It would be possible to create a category (probably as a sub-category of the IFWiki category) called something like “Articles that need to be updated”. The category page would then list them all for you. If everybody uses it then it might tend towards being the same as All pages - IFWiki… which would defeat your purpose.

  2. You could put them under that “Update out-of-date pages” heading if there aren’t going to be a daunting number of pages there, though that has the same potential problem.

  3. Every editor has a user page. You could list these pages on your user page as your own personal to do list. You could then link to your to do list from the “About IFWiki” page. That might be the best thing to do. It would also allow you to specify what’s out of date in each page.


I’ve done this for now, just with two pages so far, as I’m not sure if/when I’d get around to personally updating them. But if I start encountering a lot that I don’t have the time/energy to update myself, I’ll move the list to my user page instead!

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Thanks for listing these pages. I’ve moved them into their own category, Category:Pages that need to be updated - IFWiki.

I’ve added a template, based on the “Stub” template (which I don’t like as it happens), to make it easy to add a notice to a page saying that it needs to be updated and, optionally, to add an explanatory note, and at the same time to add it to that category.

Finally, I’ve linked to the category and the template at


I love it! Thanks. Will be very useful going forward.