List descriptions in Inform 10

I have a bit of code that has worked well in my 9.3 projects, but now won’t compile in 10.1:

For ruling out quips following a quip (called Q):
	if the current interlocutor is a person:
		let dead quips be a list of quips;
		add the list of quips that are ruled out by Q to dead quips;
		remove dead quips from the queue of the current interlocutor;
		repeat with Q2 running through dead quips:
			now Q2 is exhausted;

The error I get is:

In the sentence ‘add the list of quips that are ruled out by Q to dead
quips’ (ETC.materials/Extensions/Philip Riley/Simple Conversation.i7x, line 170),
I was expecting to read a description of values, but instead found some
text that I couldn’t understand - ‘quips that are ruled out by Q’.
I was trying to match this phrase:
list of (quips that are ruled out by q - description of values)
But I didn’t recognise ‘quips that are ruled out by q’.

I can’t find a mention of a change in Inform 10 that would cause this, but I’m probably not looking in the right place. Anyone have an idea of what the problem is and how to fix it?

I took a look at your Simple Conversation extension which I found in another thread, and I think the issue might be that the new version of Inform has some trouble deducing the various verb forms which denote the relation in question, at least in this special case where the verb “to rule out” is concerned – presumably the trouble is that it’s made of two words (some other examples in the documentation also have more than one word, but are constructed differently, it seems).

If you replace this line in your extension:

The verb to rule out means the exclusion relation.

… with (for example):

The verb to exclude means the exclusion relation.

… and of course correspondingly also change the line:

add the list of quips that are ruled out by Q to dead quips;

… to:

add the list of quips that are excluded by Q to dead quips;

… then it should compile, at least. (I tested that it compiles, but didn’t test for correct functionality.)

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Thanks, that’s perfect. Special thanks for taking the time to track down that other thread to find what the problem was!

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