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Hi all,

I’m struggling with this extension a bit. I’ve had to alter part of the code, to prevent an error to do with having kinds at the top of the Table of Table Types. The original code ran:

Table of Table Types
tabname		index	tabtype
a table-name		0	a table-type

I’ve changed it to:

Table of Table Types
tabname		index	tabtype
--		0	--

It now runs fine, but I get a run-time error when the table-type is set to shuffled-list and one of the rows has been blanked out. I’m now trying to modify the extension to cope with blanked out rows. Would anyone be able to help me with this?

What happens if you change it to this?

Table of Table Types tabname (a table-name) index tabtype (a table-type) -- 0 --

I haven’t checked this and I forget which is the new way and which the old way, but I know the updated way of specifying the kind for table columns that can’t be inferred from their entries has switched back and forth between putting the kind in the first row and putting it in parentheses next to the column name. It seems to me that if you delete it completely, like you did to make it compile, then Inform won’t be able to infer the kind at all, and that will cause trouble. So you might try the other way.

Ah, so that’s what the error message was telling me to do. I didn’t quite understand it. That works, but just replacing the names with double-dashes gets it running again.