[linux livecd] Esclinux

Esclinux is a linux x86 live system which focus on interactive fiction interpreters and compilers.

The homepage is located at:


The iso is currently hosted on a free download service, until a more advanced version will out (therefore I need feedbacks from you):


The md5 for checking the iso is: 47d8acc1a0f070370481cf562ca054e7 esclinux_gnome21042009.iso

What is new:

    - It's based on Archlinux instead of Debian now. Archlinux is a rolling 

release distribution, always up to date. Therefore this version is
providing recent and updated unix technologies.
- Gnome 2.26
- better looking than before (Sun Nimbus icons and desktop appearence,
and some special icons for IF projects and files)
- Xorg 1.6
- compiz for 3D desktop effects.
- current version of gnome-Inform 7 (5Z71)
- current version of gargoyle (garglk)
- the previous version of inform 7 is kept for the command line
program, “just in case you need it”
- All the current existing extensions are provided. (some may not be
compatible with inform 5Z71)
- JACL, Tads, Hugo, Alan
- svn tools to work on your projects online and share it with others

    - It can be installed on an usb key using the unetbootin tool, and 

therefore can be launched from usb. The system is very fast and
responsive on this kind of media, and you can save your session when
shutting down the computer.

It’s more Inform oriented, but users of other systems (tads 2 & 3, hugo, alan, jacl) should contact me if they want I improve the support for their preferred system.

More informations, last updates and basic instructions are on the homepage.