Links to IF Comp 2009 reviews

I’ve been maintaining a list of links to IF Comp 2009 reviews at the IFWiki: the general list is there, and I’ve just added links on the individual pages of the games (click on the name of the game to see its page with links to reviews in the Links section).

Emily Short also maintains a general list of links, which helped me a lot. Yoon Ha Lee also did a list of links to reviews sorted by game some time ago, but now it’s not as up-to-date as the links I added on the IFWiki.

Since it’s a wiki, you can correct mistakes yourselves if there are any, and you can add links to new or missing reviews yourselves too! (Note that there may be too many captchas because of recent anti-spam measures; I think this little problem hasn’t been fixed yet, unfortunately, but it shouldn’t be too bad if you don’t need to do a lot of edits.)

Have a good read!