Limit on zipped graphics files?

I’m considering porting my game Swigian to adventuron. It has some really lovely art by Marco Innocenti that is 1000x332 pixels. There are 60 images total.

I tried importing a single image into Adventuron classroom and it converted it to code and added it at the end of the source, as intended.

But when I try to put the entire zipped folder in (1.6 MB) nothing happens. Will it eventually convert, or is it too large to work with Adventuron?

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Hi Brian,

I recommend reading the “Linking external media” section.

Embedding large graphics in the source file is not recommended and the editor will chug or reject larger resources.

But there is a way of embedding a seemingly infinite amount of large resources without issue.

The best thing to do is to reference resources by relative path or by absolute url. If you reference resources by relative path, then you can only test with graphics by compiling the game to a folder containing your images. If you use absolute urls, then you can test your graphics in the web ide.

Obviously this is not ideal from a workflow perspective if you have no web space, but the graphics are not essential for testing your game itself, and you can test the graphics via the compiled assets.

If you have any follow up questions, I’m happy to help.


That sounds excellent, and thanks for pointing to the documentation. The graphics won’t be needed until the rest of the game is ported, so this sounds like it will solve all my problems. Thanks!

I have almost finished porting the first 4 rooms of my minimalist game to Adventuron. It has been easier than I expected. I am so far enjoying the language. I need to do split screen to copy stuff over, and I can’t figure out how to do that in the web development app, so I am editing code in Notepad++ then testing it in the browser. Overall a good experience so far.

That’s good.

The control + space feature is good if you can get used to it (which requires editing in the web editor). It’s always good to have a text file backup though - and that’s one of the core areas of weakness.

Worth skipping your way through this to see slices of common workflow:

I’d personally be very slow to develop without control + space, but I understand some people have really great knowledge retention.


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That video actually solved my real problem. I couldn’t figure out for the life of me how to resize the windows (I thought the three columns were fixed) so when did split screen, it cut off my text entry area.

Now I can just use the online version. CTRL+Space is definitely cool, but I’m most doing the same things over and over (a lot of ‘on_tick’, ‘match’, etc.). Very handy feature, though, and helps me see what things it’s capable of.

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On the subject of porting, I usually develop in Inform 6 (as I find the design, development and testing quicker), then port to Adventuron. This might sound strange, but I find the porting process very quick and easy.

I have my text editor (I use Textpad) on the left-hand side of the screen and the web browser on the right-hand side of the screen with the splitter dragged to a comfortable width for editing. When I want to test, I just maximise the browser window, do any testing and editing, then restore the browser window to its non-maximised size to continue with the porting from the text editor.

Works for me.

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