Limit on text size?

In the 2009 edition of the Handbook, I reported that I7 had an upper limit on the allowable size of a single block of text. Is there still such a limit? If so, what is the limit, and is there a way to boost it for a game that uses huge text blocks?

I have a workaround – I’m just wondering if I need to tell people the workaround.

If you’re talking number of characters, I know there’s a limit because I’ve run into it.

In 6L38, the longest text block in a say phrase that will compile for me is 2998 characters between the quotation marks. Add a single character to it and it will refuse with “Problem. Too much text in quotation marks.”

Got it. Thanks.

I’ve run into this a few times and had to use workarounds. Is there any specific reason why it’s there or is it something that could be increased in future?