Limerick Heist

Limerick Heist by @Pace

This was really fun to play. Even the credits and settings menu were limericks. :slight_smile:

Also I’m pretty sure it had the best blurb in the competition:

Rule 1 is that no one gets iced.
Rule 2: the loot’s evenly sliced.
There’s only two rules.
Now listen up, fools!
We’re pulling a…


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This was entertaining! I hoped the limerick element would tie into the mechanics or plot, rather than just being a stylistic choice, so I was happy that you could lose the game by picking a line that was too hard to work into a limerick. Although I believe this only happened once for me? It was something that I think could’ve been dialed up more in the gameplay. Would’ve been really cool with a text-entry field, to allow players to enter their own words to make/break the limericks, and also probably next to impossible to program, so I understand why that wasn’t done!

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A fun game told, as the title implies,entirely in limericks. I’ve posted a review of it at my blog.

Also a favorite! I feel like if someone tried to explain this one to me, I’d dismiss it as a gimmick, but this really does have the content to back up the joke and fill it in to something worth playing. The central idea is so accessible and fun that I’ve sent this link to a bunch of my non-IF fan friends, who have loved it almost as much as I did.
I found myself reading it out loud. I think it deserves reading out loud.


This entire game may be built around a gimmick, but it’s a darn fun gimmick. My favorite part was the fail ending you get if you try to force an ‘orange’ rhyme.

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That one is good, but the Chutzpah one is a tiny bit better just because I like the word chutzpah.

I shared this with a student, and he said, “That was glorious. Can you email me some more?”