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Howdy everyone, it’s been a bit since I’ve posted here and figured why
not go forward and chat with you fine folks. So lately, I’ve been going
through periods of depression, followed by periods of waking on sunshine
sorta feeling. Which makes it sorta odd for me. With that said, I’ve
decided to take a break from “Invasion Adventure”. I’ve been playing
a tonne of text adventures like “Brimstone and Adventures in Sherwood”.
So the 310 room adventure is just being pushed back a bit. I’m going
to take some time away from it all and try and find myself. So, I’ve
packed my bags, charged up my nano, tablet, and phone. Heading out
to find myself and give myself time to work on my memoirs and maybe
even come up with a new compelling title. But, I just wanted to let
you guys know that if I don’t post for a few weeks that’s why. So happy
trails to you all and have a wonderful evening.

Have a lovely trip out, hope it’s good (and that the weather is good to you)! Happy trails to you too.