Library messages - any lists out there?

The only traces of I7 library messages I’ve found online, are cryptic “Issue library message 9 for the going action on the noun.” or some such, in extensions. I can’t find any lists of them anywhere. I could easily find out what they are, but that would be a waste of time if there was some file I just needed to peek in, or some already made list somewhere.

I’m talking about lists like these:

Section: Default Library Messages

(Some messages are "actor-based".)

Library messages for the exiting action:
1	"But you aren't in anything at the moment."
2	"You can't get out of the closed X."
3	"You get out of X."
4	"But you aren't in X."
5	"You gets off X."
6	"You gets out of X."

Library messages for the going action:
1	"You'll have to get out of X first."
2	"You can't go that way."

6	"You can't, since X leads nowhere."
7	"You'll have to say which compass direction to go in."
8	"You goes up"
9	"You goes down"
10	"You goes X"
11	"You arrives from above"
12	"You arrives from below"
13	"You arrives from the X"
14	"You arrives"
15	"You arrives at X from above"
16	"You arrives at X from below"
17	"You arrives at X from the Y"
18	"You goes through X"
19	"You arrives from X"
20	"on X"
21	"in X"
22	", pushing X in front, and you along too"
23	", pushing X in front"
24	", pushing X away"
25	", pushing X in"
26	", taking you along"
27	"(first getting off X)"
28	"(first opening X)"

Library messages for the putting it on action:

1	"You need to be holding X before you can put it on top of something else."
2	"You can't put something on top of itself."
3	"Putting things on X would achieve nothing."
4	"You lack the dexterity."
5	"(first taking it off)"
6	"There is no more room on X."
7	"Done."
8	"You put X on Y."
9	"You puts X on Y."

Check the extension Custom Library Messages, which moves all these into an I7 table.

You’ll find the library messages as Inform actually uses them here: Look up §12 ”Long Texts”.

The pdf above is part of the commented version of the I6 Templates that I7 depends upon, but this particular piece of it is quite understandable without any knowledge of Inform 6.

Thank you! :smiley:
After some further experimentation with syntax, I finally found the illusive “(first taking the X)” message!

Every turn:
   Issue miscellaneous library message number 26.

You know, there is an easier way to do that. “Carry out the implicitly taking activity with the X.”