Libraries still closed! Ack!

I am at a point in my game development that I need to research factual information for my science fiction game.

The libraries in Texas are still closed!

Unfortunately, I donated many of my resources at the time of my last move in Dec. 2019.

I guess I’m stuck with the internet. (At least we have the internet.)

You can borrow free ebooks from your public library with

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The Internet Archive has lots of free books too.

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Thank you bikibird and dfisher,

I do have a card with digital privileges at my local public library. I am pretty sure I can check out books for curb delivery in addition to digital access. Between that and the internet I should be able to get what I need.

I actually understand the closure. With many patrons handling books from shelves and moving through various library resources it would be likely infection zone.

As an old guy, I have always enjoyed libraries. Taking command of a large desk and spreading out with a stack of large format references is nirvana.

Hopefully, I will have my SciFi adventure ready to go before the IF Comp submission deadline.



Yeah, libraries are cool.