Level9 Authoring?

Probably an odd question, but does a compiler (or whatever) exist for making A-Code games? Kinda like Inform.

I should sleep more…

There’s no such system. Writing a simple assembler for Level 9 A-code wouldn’t be beyond the bounds of possiblity, but I can’t imagine it getting much use.

No, I suppose it wouldn’t… still would be interesting, though. Apparently Level 9 had a novel method of making NPCs.

I’ve found a disassembler for their games, but it’s an early (and abandoned) beta project. This, your interpreter, and other snippets I’ve found, might be of interest to someone. Maybe I can bribe a programmer with cookies…

A compiler for Level 9 games would probably be on a lower level than whatever the NPC system was, so even if there were a compiler it wouldn’t automatically provide the NPC system. It would have to be built for the compiler as a higher level library, but if you’re doing that you might as well use some of the existing systems. (This is purely an educated guess but extremely likely.)

Not here, probably, but perhaps it could catch the attention of a handful of regulars (me included) at retro-gaming comunities. The kind of people who uses PAWSto make text adventures for 8 bit computers as the ZX spectrum and the like.

Last example I know is this “Wicker Woman” game for the Speccy. Its author wrote the whole thing but had trouble making a tape image for use with Spectrum emulators, so when I helped him with that my nick was included in the credits (typing “credits” in the game)… mispelled (I love it when that happens! :laughing: )

(and yes, I’m toying with Zilf for some nebulous future project I’m thinking of, but that will take time!)

eh? In what way?

Well, to quote from the Level9_Facts.txt in the IF Archive:

So that’s what I was referring to. And another reason I was interested in a possible Level 9-style system was that I was reading about Visionary, and it occurred to me in my state of near-exhaustion (I was a day or two without sleep when I posted) that it would make sense to have something similar for L9 games.