Let's All Ruin Dad's Morning - CYOA as .NET Windows EXE

A few weeks ago, my oldest wanted to write a game. I figured a simple choose-your-own-adventure would be do-able in a weekend. Decided to go with a Windows program mainly to speed things along, but also because she wanted to see the programming side of things too.

So, here’s her game, available at her website.


It’s super short and pretty silly.

best game title ever. :smiley:

I liked it. It was cute. :slight_smile:

Cool, Merk. The book background is especially fun. I’ve been recently wondering if my 7 year old nephew might want to start trying his hand at game design. Nice to see somebody else do it first.

Sadly, it never even loads in my system - I just get “AddieTutorial has stopped working”. Pity, it looks very cute, and I also like the background a lot. Wonder why this happens.

Sorry for the late response.

It should work with .NET 2.0. I targeted that framework when compiling, and didn’t do anything very odd other than the transparency on the form background. I guess it could be that. Since it was a silly side project, I don’t know if it’s worth doing much troubleshooting (plus you’re not missing out on a lot anyway).

But just in case, I’m curious about your system. Which version of Windows? .NET 2.0 is installed? 64/32 bit OS?


64 bit, Windows 7 Ultimate. Could the 64bit thing be the thing, do you guess? I’ve got the latest .NET installed, I guess, but I had a hard time checking that out… in any case, Win7 automatically keeps those things to date, doesn’t it?

If you don’t mind an adulterated version, I posted it as HTML (after failing to be told not to by the author) at turntopage4.blogspot.ca/2013/01/ … rning.html

If the author is no longer at that old e-mail address, he can tell me here to cease and desist if he so chooses.

The game works on mine. Same OS (Windows 7 x64). It reminds me of that other (Flash?) game I played previously which was also made by a father-and-daughter team…except the kid wasn’t aiming to ruin their dad’s morning. :smiley:

Ran it ok with mono on my Linux computer. Very cute and enjoyable.