Lectrote 1.4.0

After a long delay (my fault), Lectrote 1.4.0 is up with full TADS support. Saving the game is a bit slow, but it works now. Thanks as usual to Dannii for the interpreter support.

Release Lectrote 1.4.0 · erkyrath/lectrote · GitHub


I just tried Worlds Apart in Lectrote 1.4. It starts up fine, but the status bar isn’t working properly. It should say “Ocean Floor” on the left and “?” on the right at the start of the game, but it’s just blank, and seems to stay blank as I play.

Here’s a screenshot from Spatterlight 0.77 showing what I’d expected:

Hmm, I can’t reproduce, it works for me in Lectrote 1.4 on Windows.

Working here too on Mac.

EDIT: Ah, that happens if you change the browser zoom. Peculiar. Hit cmd-zero, anyhow.


I think Lectrote has the potential to be the best means of playing IF as a blind person using a screen reader.
I’m blind myself, and use NVDA a free Windows screen reader, so for what it’s worth, here’s some notes on what I found. I tested Z-Machine, TADS and Glulxe games.
Z-Machine games work the best. The text is displayed as a standard webpage, so I can read it the same way as any other page. Pressing enter after a command causes NVDA to read the newly displayed text as I would expect, however I wish it didn’t say “edit” after reading it.
Unfortunately, when cursoring through help menus, NVDA doesn’t read the currently selected menu item, instead just saying edit.
For some reason, when loading a Glulxe game with the default Quixe interpreter I was unable to read any game text. Setting the interpreter to Glulxe fixed this and it behaved similar to the Z-Machine interpreter, with the same issues as outlined above.
I couldn’t read any text in TADS games.
So that about wraps it up. As I said, this has amazing potential to be the best way of playing these games. Currently on Windows, I and other blind people use the old way of different interpreters for each game format, and an add-on for NVDA is required to read game text. Currently the add-on is buried in an obscure Github repo. If everything in Lectrote was accessible with NVDA, no extra add-ons would be necessary.
Hope this helps, and I’m happy to provide extra feedback if required.