Lectrote 1.3.9


I think I’ve fixed the MORE problem… this time… surely.

Updated to Electron 10.1.6. I am told that the screen-reader support works better in this release.

The TADS save/load problems mentioned in 1.3.8 (Lectrote 1.3.8) are not yet fixed. So consider this to be still pre-release for TADS support.

Other than that, the only changes are internal updates to deal with deprecated Electron APIs.

Note for Mac users: This release is still Intel-only, but it should run on ARM (Apple Silicon) Macs via Rosetta. ARM native support will arrive when I update to Electron 11.


It still parses --no-sandbox as both a command-line option (still necessary if you’re using Debian, apparently) and as a game file to open, but that’s just a small annoyance. You get an error dialog that it can’t find a file or directory named ‘–no-sandbox’, and then the real game starts as expected.