Leadlight Gamma problem with iOS 8.1.3

I’ve just discovered that Apple’s iOS 8.1.3 breaks the upload path I’d devised (using iFunbox) to allow users to get Leadlight Gamma onto their iDevice. It’s not that the game doesn’t run on 8.1.3, but the program you’d use to easily install it to Frotz can no longer put it there.

I don’t know when or if I’ll have an easy workaround for end users, so my advice for the easiest action you could take now is this: If you’re pre-iOS 8.1.3 on an iDevice and thinking of purchasing the game, do so now and install it before you upgrade your device.

If you buy the game (anytime) you’re also free to contact me personally to establish a one-off download link for Frotz. It’s great that Frotz offers this function, but I’ve found it to be a querulous method for a big game file like Leadlight Gamma. Sometimes the file gets stuck or doesn’t seem to take. Maybe this will work more smoothly if your internet is faster than Australia’s. But if you have iOS 8.1.3, this is how I’d try to get the game to you today.

If you’ve got your own webspace, you can also put the game file on there (the gblorb), make a link to it and then surf to the link on your iDevice and ask to ‘open in Frotz’ (after installing Frotz from the app store). This will install the game to Frotz - if it works, same caveats of weirdness as in previous paragraph. And of course, politely remove the game from your webspace afterwards.

Sorry about all these weird hoops…


EDIT: It occurred to me that maybe Frotz’s upload mechanism itself could have been broken in iOS 8.1.3, but I just doublechecked it and verified that it has not.

I use FileApp as a file manager, and have always used iMazing, née DiskAid, to put things INTO FileApp. Thing is, iOS 8.1.3 breaks compatibility with DiskAid, and iMazing - which works a beaut - isn’t free.

Doesn’t iFrotz also have a browser way, FTP related or something (pardon my ignorance) of putting a game in there?

EDIT - It does. “File Transfer”. It should be possible to use this to get your game into iFrotz.