Leadlight Gamma '40 Secret Pages' sale for 2016 itch.io week


As part of the the inaugural itch.io week (May 9 to May 13) celebrations, I’m putting my 8-bit interactive fiction meets survival horror meets CRPG hybrid Leadlight Gamma on sale, and with a pile of bonus content that’s only available during itch.io week: 40 scanned pages of handwritten design material and three alt and inbetween Belinda illustrations. None of this stuff has been released before in any incarnation of the game or on its websites. Once itch.io week ends, the extra stuff is going back offline.

So basically, this is the best time ever to buy the only I7 game so technically awesome that no one interpreter exists that can support all of its features optimally at the same time. I mean, I WISH this wasn’t the case, but it is!

Link to the Leadlight Gamma sale page on itch.io:
itch.io/s/3648/the-leadlight-ga … pages-sale

Link to the main Leadlight Gamma page on itch.io:


  • For the duration of the week, the minimum price of the game will drop from its usual price-of-a-black-metal-album US$6.66 to US$2.20. That’s a strangely evil saving of 67 percent!
  • If you buy Leadlight Gamma during this week, you’ll be able to download the 40 handwritten pages and the Belinda illustrations.
  • Because I’m Australian and a day ahead of itch.io, my sale window will stretch from May 9 to May 14.
    +ALREADY BOUGHT THE GAME ON ITCH.IO SOME TIME IN THE PAST? Just log into itch.io between May 9 and May 14 and you’ll be able to download the extras.

I also put together a vid with 89 Leadlight research pics in 20 seconds, set to ‘Girls’ from the game soundtrack: youtube.com/watch?v=m4ThmA-jpDs

Also also, this is a good week to investigate itch.io in general - tons of gamemakers are running special sales like this one.


Great stuff! The game itself is unchanged, though, right?

Thanks. And that’s right, all the game files are untouched.


If you increased the price to $2.22, it would be an evil savings of 66.6 percent (ok, rounded down.) Freeeeaky.

Well!..what happened was, I wanted it to be $2.22. But the discount is applied by moving a percentage-savings slider which only stops on whole numbers. I had to round 66.6 repeater up to 67. And then, after currency or FPU wobblings, the price came out as $2.19, though the calculator had promised me (well, not really promised - it had just ‘said’) it would be $2.20.