Leadlight - a tech note for Vista/Win7 users

Hey, this is the author of Leadlight with a technical note which may be relevant for Vista/Win7 users.

I heard that one person on a Vista/Win7 computer, using the standalone offline version of the game, experienced a crash when they first tried to save the game.

Apparently the Vista/Win7 installer had put the game’s disk image in a place where they did not have administrative access to it (which is necessary for the file to be allowed to edit itself - IE to save the game)

Another gentleman said the solution was simply to ‘copy the directory with the emulator and the disk image over to your desktop or you’ll never be able to save.’

If you are using Win7 or Vista, just type AUTO at the very first ‘WHAT NOW?’ prompt in the game to see if you are affected by this issue. If the command works and autosaves the game, you’re fine. If it crashes instead, try the above mentioned fix.