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Today Lawedan Computers, Incorporated a community with servers and modifications in San Andreas Multiplayer, Multi Theft Auto, Minecraft, World of Tanks and Teeworlds has decided to get into the text-based RPG world and to start the development of our brand-new game; Lawedan Enforcer.

What is Lawedan Enforcer?

[i]Lawedan Enforcer is a unique game being developed by Matthew Striker and Loyd Rafols from Lawedan Computers, Incorporated. The game describes the adventures of Crime Scene Investigation Team. The game is developed in Seasons and Chapters, the team in Season 1 is as follows:

Detective Brian Glass: This is you, you lead the music 'round here.

Crime Scene Investigator Lillian Johnson: You work with her, she will help you during investigations.

Chauffeur Daniel Hendren: He is your Chauffer, you hired him with your own money.

Forensic Anthropologist William Collins: William is the specialist in bones, if you find a decomposed body, he should be your main bet. He may be useful when you can’t recognize a body.
Once you find a skeleton that can’t be recognized you should contact him and he’ll be able to give you the age, sex, stature and the cause of death. Although you should always confirm his information.

Forensic Dentist Marvin Myres: As said before, a Forensic Anthropologist will give you an estimate of the age of the body, with Marvin you can have another expert to say his estimate on the age.

Forensic Entomologist James Scott: He is a good bet when talking about the hour the murder was made, specially on the outdoor. He will study the insects to say an estimate on when your body was dropped, he can determine the location of the incident, specially if the body was moved, and detect drugs or poison.

Forensic Pathologist Audrey Peterson: She is your main bet when dealing with murders, she can detect the cause of death at the scene or if needed, perform an autopsy.

Forensic Botanist Lottie Watson: She is the best bet when determining when and where the body was, but she only works on places where plants grow, usually forests and gardens.

Forensic Psychologist Kareem Carney: He is the guy that can tell you an educated guess on what he thinks is happening on the scene, he usually will look around for a while and tell you what he thinks that happened, what you can do next. He is also useful when interviewing witnesses.

Forensic psychiatrist Kate Blake: She is a good help during interrogations. But you usually decide to bring her to the scene because she also gives guesses.

Forensic Ballistics Specialist Nestor Ramirez: He is your main bet when you see firearms, he can determine what type of bullet was used, what weapon was used, and he can identify the murder weapon.

Ballistic Fingerprinting Specialist Jeremy Neece: He is your main bet when talking about taking fingerprints from a weapon.

Body Identification Specialist Daryl Floyd: This is your guy to lead the identification of the body. You usually only need him at the start of cases.

DNA Profiling Specialist John Edwards: He is your genius, he will make a DNA profile out of hair, blood and several other fluids.

Forensic Artist Edwin Timothy: Originally he was an artist, today he is in charge of making up a drawing of suspects by witness description.

Computer Forensics Specialist Carl Kim: Once you receive your most-wanted search warrant, bring him with you and he will transform the computer that is in the Kid’s room into a evidence feast.

Mobile Device Forensics Specialist Kevin McCormick: If your victim has a cellphone, Kevin McCormick to your service. If the suspect made some calls, Kevin McCormick to your service. He could also get you fired for making calls to your wife during duty. The truth is, when talking about anything with an internal memory, Kevin McCormick is useful.[/i]

Yes, as a lead detective you will face all sort of obstacles that you would face in real life; Evidence Contamination, Press and specially, lies.

So what’s the catch?
You will start at your lab, you pick up your tools, and you arrive to the scene, you will find usually the arriving officers, your CSI Agent and, in only specific cases, the report from the SWAT commander, in case something risky happened.

Your first entry will be the important one, you will enter, examine evidence and tell your CSI agent to document it.
Once you leave for the first time, the crime scene will become the press carnival, at the lab you will give the evidence to each of the individuals listed above, they will give you detailed information.
Now you have several options, you can return to the crime scene (this means, the AREA around the scene, you can return to the scene, though it’s supposed everything is documented), visit the neigbhours or specific people and / or call specialists that are not at your lab.

[size=150]So why is this on this section?[/size]
You may think this already looks like a good storyline and a great idea, and you may think we are ready to start developing, but no. We currently lack a staff. We have a lead developer, who is me, Matthew Striker and my assistant Loyd Rafols, who helps me develop part of the story.

We currently need people on this position:

Assistant Developer(s): If you are good with TADS 3, we could use your help developing Artificial Intelligence for the huge amount of characters exposed in each chapter.

Lead Writer: We need someone to design each chapter, although Loyd helps me, he is not a specialist in that, as a lead writer you are the creativity, you aren’t exactly describing rooms, but you are writing the chapter, you will say where objects are at, where people is at, how people would react. etc.

Writer(s): The Lead Writer is in charge of making a basic prototype of the story-line, he is the creativity, you are the brain. Based on the story-line of the lead writer, you will describe each object, you will describe from how the blood likes like to how the whole place looks like.

Tester(s): This sort of complex games require a group of experienced testers, I will need people that knows about RPG games and likes to play them, if you are able to solve the default-level of RPGs, you fit here.

So how do we communicate?
If you pass to the interview, the board of Lawedan will interview, you will need AIM, a username, if you have trouble we’ll create one for you. When you are with your username ready, add ‘lawedanlabs’ (without ''s).

How to apply
If you have a comment on the story-line, feel free to comment, but if you want to apply, use this syntax on a private message.

Experience on the job:
Any comments?:

Chapter 1 -
[i]Brian Glass is an ex-Federal Bureau of Investigation Agent who has been recently transferred to the New York Police Department as a detective due to misconduct during the line of duty, but his first case will be one of the most complex cases that the New York Police Department has ever experienced.

Nicholas Johnson is a middle aged rich geologist who works in a project in the Antarctic region, because he usually does not reside in New York City, he has bought a relatively small house there. With a low profile and all of his wealth in a continent which is undesirable, no one would ever think on murdering Nicholas Johnson…[/i]

Actually, no. I think it looks like you’ve been watching way too much cable TV. I also think you’ve missed a key element in the scripts of shows like CSI, Cold Case, Bones, or whatever, which is that it’s about the people on the crime team. Your thumbnails give us no clue about who has the hots for who, for example.

Also, I failed to notice any mention of $$ in your post. With a project of such grandiose dimensions, are you prepared to pay real bucks? Not that I’m applying for the gig, I’m just curious is all.

I am very sorry to hear you don’t like our story-line.

The idea is not to simulate a CSI Show, In my own opinion those cases are not realistic whatsoever. In those TV Series the crime scenes are crowded of random people, usually people that would be waiting at the lab.

As of who has the hots for who, it’s very simple, in the scene you will go with your Crime Scene Investigator and based on what you find, you start calling people and running tests.

We are indeed, prepared to pay developers, but the payment of developers is to be discussed during the interview. In this case I am paying out of my own pocket, so the salary would range from 20$-50$ the development hour, depending on your quality, your past experience and your ideas.

All other positions are not paid.

I’m not interested in applying, but I like crime procedurals.

From a workforce standpoint: why are so many position duties duplicated? Also, a forensic botanist is likely to also be passingly familiar with fungi, house plants, etc.

I’m not sure I have enough of a grasp as to know whether I’d want to play - your description is heavy on the mechanics, but that’s not really what I play IF for. I want to know more about my character than a name, for instance. Maybe you don’t want to give away the storyline, but what’s the opening case like? What are the stakes for the PC and his team? What’s your vision for the gameworld?

We have focused on realism, and, the list of extensive members are a full list of members you might find in the WHOLE season

You are detective Glass, you have been assigned to the New York Police Department, you used to live at Los Angeles, but your earned reputation wouldn’t get you fired, even though you used to behave in a incorrect way during your duties as a FBI Agent.

Perhaps the life of detective Glass is unveiled on Chapter 2, where her family arrives to New York, in Chapter 1 we focus on making the case complex yet simple for the newer IF players. There’s several ways to solve each crime, but also a lot of distractions.

The opening case is leaded by the confusion of a caller, who lived in front, and, when she picked the phone, missed the suspect, and also, due to her age, never heard the runaway car, we made a very interesting storyline to make the house as simple as possible… Nicholas Johnson only lived on the house during holidays, and on the night days of the Antarctic, so his house is very small, even though he is rich.

Due to the size of the house, it has few room but crowded with items (not in exaggeration, though) that could draw your attention.

You will meet CSI Lillian, who will assist you from now on, and always be next to you to give you her professional opinion (probably the main aid for people that are not experts in crime solving).

About the team itself, your CSI has arrived first, therefore, for this first case, she has called the people that will be needed, depending on the evidence. We have, though, focused on the realism of the crime scene.

On the crime scene room, you will find only two or three officers, those that are specialized in the cause of death.

Now here’s the interesting part, you will also see the court case (this feature has been decided yesterday), therefore specially this opening case will be complicated.

Let me expose it in a different way:

You have only ONE witness, who actually didn’t see the face of the criminal, she is a very old woman, you have at least four to five suspects, and a wide variety of clues and evidence, you’ll have to unveil and link them all together.

About the game world, you will have the feel of an open-world game. Your headquarters is the laboratory, you can request a search warrant, and search people’s house, you can go to bars and to nearby buildings searching for witnesses or other versions, and you can ask to arrest people.

Feel free to ask more questions.