Latest Topics (Main Page)

Not a huge thing, but it always bothers me that the latest topics listed on the main page are filled with old sticky topics that never go away, effectively hiding the 3 latest topics in a category.

Perhaps the sticky topic links could be the in paragraph of text below the category title. Like, where it says “Select a General…”, just put New User Guide and Check Your Profile as suggested topics before posting.

I would apply this logic to all the major categories on the main page and maybe increase the number of topics listed from 3 to 5, if it doesn’t look too weird.

Anyway, food for thought.


Do you need those topics to be pinned? If you don’t, you can unpin them for your account… go to the bottom of each topic and change it from pinned to unpinned. It’s a little tedious but there aren’t too many of them


Yeah, definitely unpin stuff. Usually a pin is something we want people to see so it doesn’t get flooded off the page till you see it. It will unpin automatically once you’ve read through the topic, or you can click the pin to turn it upside down “unpinned”.


Thanks, Josh!