Last-minute beta testing for "FINE FELINES" cat breeding game


If you’re looking for something light and (hopefully) fun, this game is literally G-rated. Due to the many many possible kittens, I need lots of people to check for bugs/wrong name in the wrong place-type stuff. There are many adorable cat pictures. I reckon it’ll take 1-2 hours per playthrough.

Blurbity blurb:

You are a twenty-four-year-old who just inherited $10,000. Can you run a successful cat-breeding business?

There is a spoiler-filled Cheat Sheet option at the very beginning of the game for those who want to know how to achieve certain goals or how to explore the paths not taken. It is impossible to get stuck anywhere in the game and there are no bad endings.

Although this game is intended for an adult audience, it is also designed to be kid-safe. There is no violence or sex of any kind (the cats become pregnant ‘off-screen’). No cats or humans are hurt or killed, although the Player Character’s mother recently died after a long illness and the cats may catch a mouse (which you “dispose of”). There is optional G-rated romance for any gender or sexuality (the player character can be non-binary although all the romantic options are all either male or female).

Send me a DM for the link :slight_smile:

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