Large Map and Testing Rooms - SOLUTION FOUND

It’s getting rather hot here, which is leading to a short fuse in my brain.

I need an “out of world”/delete before publishing code for teleporting/getting to rooms. Is there something like this? I have a rather large map, and I don’t want to have to walk/deal with “blocks” etc to get to the room I want to play around with. There may already be a standard command for that, but if so I cant find it.

I swear, sometimes I need a “simple commands” for dummies cheatsheet. I can find/figure out all the more complex ones, but simple things seem to be hard to find :unamused:

Thank you!

ETA: Found it, lol. In case anybody else needs it thats having a dunce moment >gonear [name of room] works without having to add code.

Another standard debugging verb you may enjoy is PURLOIN [name of thing] – transfers to your inventory the named thing.