Lantern IDE for parser games

This weekend at Vintage Computer Festival Midwest I saw a demo of Lantern, a new-ish IDE for parser IF with a leaning toward small memory-resident games for 8-bit platforms. Creator Evan Wright uses it as a teaching platform and has, for a few years now, run a course for high school students where they create a complete adventure using the system.

Quoting the site, it features:

An easy to use GUI for creating the game.
A built in player for testing your games.
A four-word parser with disambiguation.
A simple ‘C’ like language for custom game logic.
Lots of helpful video tutorials.
Can import maps made with Trizbort!
Easy export to the target platform.

The main emphasis is on targeting 8-bit platforms, and most of the majors are supported. It can also build binaries for DOS, 64-bit Windows, and Raspberry Pi.


I’m annoyed I missed VCF since it was a short drive from my house. Evan is a really smart guy and I’ve seen all of his works before. He does some crazy brilliant technical things.