Language Learner-Friendly Games in the Concours de Fiction Interactive Francophone

Any good games from the Concours de Fiction Interactive Francophone for intermediate French learners? I’ve been learning through school for about four years, and I’d like to try out some of the more accessible games so I can immerse myself more in the language. Nothing too complicated (complex word puzzles like Counterfeit Monkey or unique syntax like Lost Pig) but I’m willing to stretch my brain a little.


I’m only getting started, but I found Larme à gauche to be pretty accessible. Each page had a few words I had to look up but most of it was standard stuff you learn (the first page has someone counting to three, for instance). I was a little confused at the time period at first since I wasn’t sure if “voiture” was a carriage or automobile, but as it went on things became more and more clear.


Out of the 21 entries, only three games this year are parsers:
Sur l’inévitable, by paravaariar (I only played this one from this list, I think it’s ok for an intermediate French)
Zigamus : Zombies au Vigamus, by Marco Vallarino, Ginevra Van Deflor (this is another translation into French)
Le Dernier Serment, by Narkhos

The rest are choice-based or hyperlinks, where text sometimes can be copy-pasted into a translator if needed. (doesn’t work for Moiki)

I’ve only gone through a third of the games so far, and most seemed fine. You might encounter some French references/Culture Générale. Usually, the Moiki entries are easiest to get through (less text on the screen).

In Les lettres du Docteur Jeangille, I tried to emulate a late 19th century style, so be warned :stuck_out_tongue:
So far, Vesna (Korwen) had some familiar language/country-side syntax (eaten syllables). Retrouvailles - Reunion (Lou Morens) uses inclusive French writing (which might look like a bunch of typos to a French learner, but it’s correct).

I’ll report back when I’m done playing :slight_smile:


I have previously found that text doesn’t seem to be selectable in Moiki works :frowning: (In my Firefox browser. Haven’t investigated why.)


Ah yeah… I’ve tried again with other browsers, and it’s the same. I think it’s just hard-coded into the engine. Some sort of user-select: none;.

Lemme edit that first sentence…

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OK! Now that I’ve played ALL the games, here are the ones I believe to be learner friendly, in alphabetical order:

These might be ok?


Thank you all so much! I’ll be sure to check these out when I have the time.