Kusoge (B-movie games) of the IF Comp*?

*(Discussion of Spring Thing games are also allowed.)

Stealing the definition from Hardcore Gaming 101:

Keeping this definition in mind, what are your favorite kusoges of the IF Comp and/or Spring Thing? Think games that are bad in interesting, or at least endearing, ways. They can be anything from flawed games that nonetheless pull off something that isn’t seen often, to games that are ambitious but don’t succeed thei ambitions, to games that are mostly just fun to laugh at, and anything in between.

If you’re interested, I also have this IFDB poll.

Paul Panks’ Jesus of Nazareth has to be up there.

John Evans’s The Chronicler. My review of it describes Crap Underimplemented Game as its genre, so apparently I was looking for the word kusoge and I just didn’t know it.

Off the top of my head, Red Conine’s The Hangover and… Alex Whitington’s? Dracula something something? Oh, and Mark Jones’ wHen mAchines aTtack. Oh! And Riverside! You basically gotta play Riverside, although when you do you’ll be mad at me for saying that.