Kuolema missing image

In Gerhardt’s cabin, the components image is missing on the iPad. Maybe @radiosity can supply it? Thanks!


I noticed that too. In the meantime, you can check the text-only version of the game to see the content of the note.



In its current state, the device may still be unstable. Due to the recent incident, we need to limit access to core components. This should ensure that no one is able to operate or deliberately sabotage the reactor.

We now have a zero trust policy across the entire team, this includes Dr Vrieman too.

I will need to collect these items and store them securely in the main safe, but for now:

  • Ansel has assured me the circuit board has been updated and is locked safely away.
  • I’m going to talk to Stevens about the coolant and see if we can find a temporary storage solution.
  • Apparently Dr Vrieman’s been after medical alcohol too, not sure why, but if he needs it, we should probably make sure he can’t get it. I’ll speak to Astrid about that.


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Good spot - apologies about that! I’ve now replaced with the correct image, but looks like svlin found a smart workaround in the meantime - thank you.