Killing Machine Loves Slime Prince


So I’ve made a small-ish sci-fi parser game with an emphasis on exploration.

It’s called Killing Machine Loves Slime Prince, and you can play it here on

(You can also download the .zblorb story file at the bottom of the page - and I will upload it to the IF Archive in the near future.)

My beta testers were a fantastic help - thanks all of you! The cover image is by nsjndd1.

If you find any bugs or get stuck, let me know!


Wow, I love exploration. Let’s see!


I’ve been stuck on this for a long time. I’ve been wandering around with around 17/20 memories, and I can DANCE, but whenever I do I end up in a place where all I can do is shoot and then the game says I failed. I’ve spent over an hour going back to every location and trying different things, but I must be missing something really big. What can I do next?

Edit: Nevermind, figured it out as soon as I asked. I hadn’t tried LOOK AT.

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I know you got past it eventually, but if you use the “hint” command in the location in question, it will tell you the command to use…

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