Kickstarter for full audio support for Unix Frotz

(David Griffith) #1

I’ve decided that I need to enlist some extra help to get audio support finally completed and working correctly and efficiently in Unix Frotz. My audio programming skills are not as good as I’d like, so I found someone who can do it for a fee. That someone is Mark D McCurry ( To pay for this, I’ve created a Kickstarter campaign. This is intended to raise the $600 that Mark has asked for to reimplement audio support correctly. The target amount is $700 to cover overhead. Anything in excess of $600 after overhead will be a bonus to Mark.

For technical details, see and

The Kickstarter page is at


I’d like to see this happen. I made a small pledge. Hope it helps.

It’d be nice to play Sherlock Holmes with the bells and whistles. :slight_smile:

(David Griffith) #3

The Kickstarter campaign has succeeded marvelously. 44 backers donated a total of $1078. All of this minus overhead will go to Mark McCurry as his fee. Thank you, everybody!


Woot! Fantastic!