Kerkerkruip Wiki

I’m posting here in case not everyone knows about it: Kerkerkruip has a wiki! The wiki is designed to have detailed information that will answer all your little questions about how elements of the game work and how to make the most strategic use of them.

It’s just getting started and we could use some more contributors!

I’m going to throw in a quick anti-recommendation for Wikia, for two reasons:

A) It is an ad-infested hellhole.

B) It has some seriously sleazy attitudes towards its users: rather than talk about my own experience with them I’ll just let this guy describe.

If you’ve decided on Wikia, that’s fine. But there are plenty of other hosts that are as free, with less ads and less slimy business practices.

Well, if anyone wants to switch now, I’m not against it.

If you have specific recommendations that would help! Its ads don’t bother me much cause I block them…

Specific recommendations? I have a small wiki on Wikispaces (which isn’t just for teachers, despite what the front page look like), and they’ve been nothing but helpful.

But I don’t want to sound like a shill: you can find hundreds of possibilities with google.

We want shills! My favorite thing about is how so many people give very personalized advice.

I’ve used with great success. Very unobtrusive ads (unlike wikia’s which are ALL Flash and crash the Flash plugin constantly) and reasonable rates/size limits.