Kerkerkruip release 7 is now available

Kerkerkruip 7 release notes

In these final days of 2012, we are happy to announce the release of Kerkerkruip 7! It brings you new enemies, new and improved items, a better unlocking system, and bug fixes. Among the highlights are:

  • All uninteresting or useless items have been redesigned (or, in a few cases, removed). Your enemies will no longer leave behind identical swords; flash grenades will no longer permanently blind you; and much more! Veteran players will want to examine every item anew to see whether it has changed.
  • Several new cursed items have been added, including the singing sword and the fearful axe. And there are rumours that the demon lord’s diadem isn’t as harmless as it seems either.
  • New items have been added, including the gauntlets of grip, the psychedelic cloak, and the epic periapt of prophecy.
  • Level 1 and 2 monsters now have more health. This rebalances the early game, which had become a bit too easy over the last few releases.
  • Three new enemies will appear: the undead mummified priest; the demonic mistress; and a new level 1 creature, the wisps of pain, which will empower you in a very peculiar way.
  • Some fixes and improvements have been made to the unlocking system. Which monsters, rooms and items will appear no longer depends on the difficulty, but only on the number of victories you have won. (More complicated stuff gets unlocked as you win the game more often.) It is also possible to get access to all the goods immediately. From the title screen, go to the options menu and choose the unlock everything option – this is recommended for Kerkerkruip veterans.

Have fun, and the Kerkerkruip team wishes you a great 2013!

One playthrough I kept getting the message “The imp tries to teleport away, but something makes this impossible!” in every room I was. But the imp was never in the same room as me. I eventually found the Lair of the Imp, and apparently the dimensional anchor spawned there at the beginning of the game. I guess it’s not a bug, but I think I shouldn’t get the message about the imp if it is not even in the same room as me.

Noted, and scheduled to be fixed in the new release. Thanks for reporting it!


  1. I had already fixed this for release 8, but

  2. while checking that I had indeed fixed it, I found out that my fix introduced a different bug – which has now also been fixed.

So even though I already fixed this bug, your reporting it was nevertheless beneficial. :slight_smile:

I’ve seen the minotaur for a second time and retreated, he hit me for some damage, and the text first displayed that I was in the Maze, but then it displayed that I successfully retreated to the room I wanted to go. I think I should have remained stuck in the maze instead. Also when I go back to that room, the minotaur is not there (I suppose he is in the maze) and I cannot find the minotaur for the rest of the game. Remembering tells “the maze (no known path)” and “go to maze” says “You don’t know how to go there safely.”

It’s annoying to get the message “It’s only a drawing” when I type “go to Bodmall” in the Drawing Room if I’ve already seen Bodmall in person.

What do you think about Counterstrike? I think it’s a bit too overpowered. The hound keeps killing me so easily, dealing lots and lots of damage every attack I miss. In fact it kills me even in Novice mode. Also the demon of rage is overpowered too. Also the ridiculous amount of permanent damage done by wisps of pain is too powerful. You get it back eventually, but in the meantime it is a huge disadvantage. Wisps of pain has a really high damage reduction for a level 1 creature, and it takes many turns to kill it. The permanent stats lost is more than “pain makes you stronger”. It is sometimes impossible to leave wisps of pain for the last because of the layout of the dungeon so that strategy doesn’t work.

Also the location names changed to full lowercase? It was better when they began with uppercase letters, that made it easy for them to stand out in the text.

Also, the dagger of double strike seems too useless to me. The normal size one gives -2 attack and +1 damage. What’s the point of attacking twice to deal 1 damage with a -2 attack penalty? The larger one I think is +3 damage and -2 attack, which is… okay.